A top choice: The University Guys

Making yourself stand out in applications, essays and interviews

Who is “The University Guys”

The University Guys (Hawkins Global Education Limited), based in London (UK), is one of the top independent counseling services for Studying in Europe and the United States. The team has helped 100+ students to get offers from over 100 top universities worldwide, e.g. Stanford, Yale, UCLA, Imperial College, and also Germany (e.g. Jacobs, WHU, KIT / Carl Benz School).

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Which service do they offer?

The University Guys provides one-to-one tutoring and guidance to students and their families, helping them to get a place at the top university of their choice, and making the process of applications clear, manageable and successful.

What make the service unique?

Having worked at schools in both the UK and Europe, The University Guys have considerable expertise in all aspects of applications. With a heavily grades-based system, German university processes can sometimes be confusing for international applicants, and we can demystify this process for you. From creating a college shortlist through a wise use of data and rankings, through to preparation of a strong personal statement and on to the completion of the uni-assist or direct application, we support students (and schools) through all aspects of the process.

Who does the counseling?

David Hawkins founder of The University Guys  is one of the world’s top independent college counselors, An Oxford graduate, prior to The University Guys, David was the Head of College Counseling at the International School of Brussels (one of the largest in Europe), and before that was the Head of Careers and a History teacher at Taunton School. David holds memberships in the International Association for College Admissions Counseling, the Independent Educational Consultants Association, the Higher Educational Consultants Association and the Council of British International Schools.

Who is eligible for the Service?

  • Citizenship: any (EU/Non-EU)

  • Degree Levels: all (Bachelor/Staatsexamen Master)

  • Language of Study: English (you can check any program from our StudyFinder)

  • Universities: all (public and private)

  • Subjects: all 

  • GPA: no minimum defined

When should I start?

At least 6 months before the application

How much does it cost?

The University Guys offer a special price for users of MyGermanUniversity.  

Premium 1:1 Counseling

2.800 Euro plus VAT if applicable (UK)


  • unlimited no. of  Applications 
  • unlimited no. of counselling sessions 
  • unlimited revisions of application documents

What does the counseling include?



  • Agree on a range of criteria for higher education
  • Create a shortlist of 'best fit' universities
  • Plan the onward strategy for selected university applications



  • Make connections with institutions for "demonstrated interest"
  • Assess the applicant's profile and make recommendations to improve
  • Advise on appropriate university entrance tests
  • Prepare itineraries and organise visits to as many universities as desired


Apply (via uni-assist or directly)

  • One-on-one intensive support with application essays
  • Liaise with applicant's high school for production of materials
  • Assist with completion of application documents
  • Connect students with colleges for video or face-to-face interviews (where given)
  • Provide ongoing post-application support

How can I learn more?

David offers a free no-obligation get-to-know-you conversation (30 min.). Go to his page via the link below and book a meeting now.  

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