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Munich Universities of Applied Sciences: A guide for international students

Bavaria's capital is more than just the two world-famous top universities LMU (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) and TUM (Technical University of Munich): Discover with us 10 universities of applied sciences in the Munich Metropolitan Region.

Munich is much more than the city which hosts Oktoberfest, the world famous folk fest in Germany which attracts millions of visitors from around the globe. Munich has a very rich history, beautiful architecture, and is also known for its unique Bavarian culture. Located in the south of Germany, close to the Austrian border, tourists flock to the city to enjoy scenic hiking in the summer and beautiful snow-covered skiing regions in the winter. It’s no wonder that Munich (München in German) attracts many international students!

In addition to its rich culture, Munich is also home to more than 10 universities which have more than 150 English-taught degree programs available to international students. Using our StudyFinder, students are able to customize their search results so they can view all of the relevant study programs for them!

This article serves as a starting point to introduce you to universities of applied sciences in Munich to guide you through your degree program search. If you are interested in the other type of university (where you will dive deeply into research and be able to pursue a Ph.D.) please check the article about the Munich Universities.


The universities of applied sciences in Munich are also great options for your studies. While the internationally top-ranking public universities like LMU and TUM in Munich enjoy fame, the most important part of choosing a study institution is making sure the actual study program fits your needs. Don’t choose a university that’s renowned but has a degree program that isn’t exactly what you were looking for. Therefore, take a good look at the universities below as one could hold your dream study program!


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Munich Universities: A guide

Bavaria’s largest University of Applied Sciences

The Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) is the largest and also most diverse in that they encompass a wide array of subjects. It is a public university with approximately 17,800 students.

Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS)

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MUAS is located in Munich and has a total of three campuses. It is not only the largest university of applied sciences in Munich but is also one of the largest in Germany. Founded in 1971, the university offers more than 80 different bachelor's and master’s degree programs. MUAS holds partnerships with more than 200 universities across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Approximately 13% of its students come from abroad.

More Universities of Applied Sciences in Munich

In addition to MUAS, there are more universities of applied sciences in Munich which offer a variety of different degree programs. Both are private institutions which means that they will have program fees, but also take into consideration funding options in our scholarships article should your dream study program be at one of the universities below! Note some degrees may be offered by both universities so be sure to carefully observe all degree programs and compare to find the best fit for you!

Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW)

The Academy of Bavarian Economy and Business (HDBW) is a private institution that offers degree programs in an array of topics related to economy and business. They offer bachelor's and master's programs in areas of business administration, industrial engineering, business informatics, mechanical engineering, and digitization.

Munich Business School

The Munich Business School is a private international business school in Munich. They hold dual degree programs with partner universities which include National Taiwan Normal University, Boston University, and Regent's University London, among others. In addition to dual degree programs, the Munich Business School partners with more than 60 universities around the world.

UAS from outside Munich - with campuses there

There are also many universities of applied sciences from around Germany which have a campus location in Munich. These universities are great options to look into as in many cases, students can be based in one campus for part of their studies and then be based in another campus as well. This way, you are able to study at the same university while still experiencing different cities in Germany!

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

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International School of Management (ISM)

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New European College

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Universities of Applied Sciences Around Munich

If you didn’t find your dream study program at one of the universities of applied sciences in Munich, there are even more in the Munich metropolitan area for you to choose from! Whether it’s because you didn’t find your program or you don’t want to live in a big city, these universities are great options and are still well connected to Munich via Germany’s great public transportation system; everything is just a short train ride away! Since Munich is such a large city, these universities are still nearby though they may be more than 100 kilometers from the Munich city center. Be sure to explore the beautiful cities they are located in!

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

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75 km from Munich.

Technical Academy of Ingolstadt (THI)

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80 km from Munich.

Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT)

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140 km from Munich.

Ulm University of Applied Sciences

150 km from Munich.

Universities in Munich: LMU, TUM and others

The higher education system in Germany has a special classification system for institutions depending on whether they only offer bachelor's and master's programs or if they can confer doctoral candidates. The universities of applied sciences cannot confer Ph.D. students, but institutions that have the classification of “Universität” according to the German system, also may hold bachelor's and master's programs and are worth exploring. These universities are even international top-ranked and hold prestigious study programs in their fields. Additionally, these universities are usually public meaning that they generally do not have tuition fees. For this reason, we have a separate article dedicated just to “Universitäten” or universities in Munich. Click here to learn more!