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Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Animation and Game

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
Subjects: Computer Science
English only
Winter semester:  15 Apr/01 Jun
Application Deadlines
3.5 Years (starting: Winter semester)
Tuition fees (per semester)
Winter semester
Study mode:
On campus


Qualification Requirements

Previous Degree

University entrance certificate. If you obtain your university entrance certificate only after the application deadline, you must submit a certification of enrollment from your school and the last two school reports. If you do not have a university entrance certificate at all you may apply for admission based on outstanding artistic aptitude.

Additional Qualification

For admission you must pass the artistic entrance examination.

Language Requirements

The following certificates are recognised as proof of your language proficience.

CERF English
min B2
Does the university recognize "other equivalent language certificates"? yes

Additional information:
English language proficiency can also be proven by an English grade "satisfactory" or higher in your last report card, or by being a English native speaker.

Application & Admission

Application Deadlines

Applications are open from:
Winter semester:March 16 (German)
Summer semester:
In 3 days free webinar
How to apply via Uni-assist

Application Procedure & Selection

Admission test/interview:
aptitute test
Application Fee:
75 € for the first application, 30 € for each additional

Application Documents

Application with a German bachelor degree:

For your formal application you need the following documents:

  1. Copy of your University Entrance Certificate (HZB).
  2. English language certificate (if not included in your HZB, see language requirements).
  3. Curriculum vitae in English language.
  4. Letter of motivation in English language.
  5. Application portfolio form.

In order to apply for the Artistic Entrance Examination you must submit a digital portfolio with 3 work samples. These must be projects related to the field of animations and games, such as: storyboards/animatics, concept art, 3-D graphics, animations, digital games/game prototypes. You may submit a maximum of 3 digital work samples. Each work sample can be a project consisting of several related elements. 

The digital portfolio must be submitted to Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences via data upload.


Application with an international bachelor degree:

You must submit the signed application form along with the following documents:

  1. School leaving certificate.
  2. Depending on your country of origin, a certificate proving that you have passed the University Entrance Examination.
  3. If you have already studied in your home country, please also send in documentation confirming your years of study.
  4. English language certificate (see language requirements).
  5. Copy of your passport.

For admission to the Artistic Entrance Examination you must submit the following elements:

  1. Entrance examination application form.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Motivation statement.
  4. Digital portfolio consisting of 3 work samples related to the field of animations and games.

The work samples should be creative projects related to the field of animations and games, such as storyboards/animatics, concept art, 3-D graphics, animations, digital games/game prototypes.

SUBMISSION: Please upload all elements related to the Artistic Examination Application to Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences digitally.


  • Label every single file you submit according to the following standard: applicationnumber.lastname.filename (examples: 9896994_Williams_Motivationstatement; 9896994_Williams_Worksample1).
  • Before uploading your data, combine them in one ZIP-file.
  • Label this ZIP-file with your application number and your last name as follows: applicationnumber.lastname.agportfolio.zip.
  • If you are unable to create a ZIP-file you may resolve to uploading all files separately. Make sure to name every single as specified above.

PLEASE NOTE: If your files are corrupt or not labelled in an identifiable manner, you will not receive admission to the Animation and Game Entrance Examination.


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Further Information

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