Constructor University

Physics and Data Scienсе

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)
Subjects: Astronomy, Theoretical Physics, Gravity, Particles & Fields, Physics
English only
Winter semester: 01 Jun/15 Jul
Application Deadlines
3 Years (starting: Winter semester)
€ 10000
Tuition Fees (per semester)
Winter semester
Mode of admission:
without admission restriction 
directly at University
Study mode:
On campus
Registration Fee & Tuition Information:
Tuition fee is 20,000 € per academic year (two semesters) + 8,000 € on-camрus hοusing.


Qualification Requirements

Previous Degree

High schoοl.

Language Requirements

The following certificates are recognised as proof of your language proficience.

min 575
min 90
min 6.5
min C2 Proficiency (CPE)
Specification: A, B, C and C1 pass.
min C1 Advanced (CAE)
Specification: A, B and C.
min B2 First (FCE)
Specification: A.
min 110
Does the university recognize "other equivalent language certificates"? no

Additional information:
Other language certificates accepted are MELAB (Michigan Test) with a score of 80, GCSE (British General Certificate of Secondary Education) with a score of A or B, International Baccalaureate English A Literature & English A Language and Literature with a score of 6,7, SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (New SAT) with a score of 600, or ACT Writing with a score of 9.

Application & Admission

Application Deadlines

Application Procedure & Selection

Mode of Admission:
without admission restriction 
Admission Test/Interview:
directly at University
Application Fee:


Application Documents


  1. Official or certified copies of high school transcripts: First-year applicants (applying straight out of high school) will need to submit transcripts for the last 2-3 years of high school. Transcripts can be submitted to the undergraduate admissions office via these three options:
    1. Your school official (counselor, teacher, principal, etc.) uploads the transcripts to the Common App.
    2. E-transcripts issued by official digital credential services (e.g. parchment).
    3. You send certified copies of your transcripts to the university by post using the following mailing address:

      Jacobs University Bremen
      Office of Undergraduate Admission
      Campus Ring 1
      28759 Bremen
  2. Educational history form: In the 'Questions' section of the Common App, you will be required to complete the 'Additional High School Information' sub-section. Here you will need to upload an Educational History Form where you will list all the schools that you have attended up to your current school.
  3. Standardized testing (SAT/ACT): Constructor University does not require SAT/ACT for admission evaluation for the Fall 22 intake. Applicants can choose to complete their application without SAT/ACT. If admitted, standardized testing (SAT/ACT) may be required for enrollment, if your high school diploma does not grant you direct admission to a university in Germany. Students who graduate with the German Abitur do not need to submit standardized test scores to Constructor University. If you do not submit a standardized test, your application will be considered on the basis of the personal essay, letters of recommendation, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and the way students presented themselves through the application process.
    If your admission is conditional on having to take the SAT/ACT, it is recommended that you take the test before arrival. However, you will also have the option to take it on campus (October and/or December) during the first semester. For those who enroll without SAT and ACT and are going to take it on campus, Constructor University may also offer complementary test preparation.
    The following tests are accepted:
    1. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): this test consists of two sections: Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, plus an optional Essay. Constructor University does not require the optional writing section. Each section is scored on a 200 to 800-point scale, making a perfect score of 1600.
    2. American College Testing (ACT): This test consists of four sections: English, Reading, Math, and Science, as well as an optional writing test. Constructor University does not require the writing test offered by the ACT. Each section is scored on a 1 to 36-point scale. The composite ACT score is the average score of all four sections of the test.
      Applicants can send proof of their standardized test scores via official agencies. Alternatively, applicants could send certified paper copies via regular post to the following mailing address:

      Jacobs University Bremen
      Office of Undergraduate Admission
      Campus Ring 1
      28759 Bremen
  4. Language proficiency test: All applicants must have an adequate command of the English language to enroll at Constructor University. An applicant’s English language ability (non-native speakers) may be demonstrated through language proficiency test scores (see language requirements). You will qualify for an English proficiency waiver if you:
    1. are native English speakers, OR
    2. have been instructed exclusively in English for a minimum of 6 years, OR
    3. have scored 600 or higher on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section,
    4. have scored 9 or higher on the ACT Writing section.
      You may need to confirm you qualify for a waiver with the Office of Admissions.
      For those who require English proficiency tests, you can submit your test score in the testing section of the Common App. Proof of the English proficiency test results can be sent via official agencies. Alternatively, applicants could send certified paper copies via regular post to:

      Jacobs University Bremen
      Office of Undergraduate Admission
      Campus Ring 1
      28759 Bremen
  5. Motivation statement: At Constructor University, they want to get to know you better as an applicant through a personal essay and some university-specific questions. You will find questions such as “What do you find interesting?” and “Why Constructor University?” in the “My Colleges Writing” section of the Common App.
    Constructor University have partnered with ZeeMee, a free service that lets you easily add personalized items including short videos, photos, and/or documents to your application. Through the ZeeMee platform, you can digitally showcase your interests, accomplishments, and challenges you have overcome both inside and outside the classroom.
    To begin, just create a profile on the free ZeeMee app for iOS or Android and paste your ZeeMee profile link into the designated field in the 'Questions' section of the Common App under the 'Activities' subsection. Please note that submitting a ZeeMee profile is completely optional, but a fun way to set yourself apart and share your story with Constructor University.
  6. Recommendation letter (optional/upon request): A recommendation letter is optional/upon request. This should ideally come from a school official, such as a teacher, career/guidance counselor, head of school, or principal.
    NOTE: You will need to invite your recommender via the Common App by providing his or her e-mail address. Your recommender will then receive an e-mail with a Common App link to complete the online recommendatiοn.


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