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Psychology (US Degrее)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
Subjects: Psychology, Business Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Linguistics
English only
Winter semester: 15 Aug
Summer semester: 05 Jan
Application Deadlines
4 Years (starting: Both semesters)
€ 5156.25
Tuition Fees (per semester)
Both semesters
Mode of admission:
no admission restriction, but ability assessment  (interview)
directly at University
Study mode:
On campus
Registration Fee & Tuition Information:
Approx. 5156,25 € per semester. For the first semester, there is a flat fee of 4,500 €. At the beginning of the second semester, it is a per credit rate. For fewer than 12 credits (1-3 courses), the tuition fee is calculated using a per credit charge of 400 €. For 12 or more credits, the fee is 350 € per сrеdit.

Program Video

Duration: 01:00 min

What is human personality? How are we different from each other?

Five Reasons to choose this Bachelor's Program

Become a psychologist with a broad vision of the field
Students who choose the comprehensive bachelor’s program in psychology stand out in their professional career by learning the many different aspects of the field -including social, abnormal, cross-cultural, media, and industrial, among others.
Enjoy a multicultural academic space
Meet people from all over the world in a small and friendly community, making every class an opportunity to interact with someone who might represent a different worldview: you grow as a psychologist
Your learning results count everywhere!
American degrees are the best recognized and most widely accepted degrees in world-wide comparison. For international students, Touro wants to be the ideal gateway to the German academic and business environment. To German students, they want to offer the most effective preparation for an international work life, be it at home or abroad.
Study in vibrant New York
Become a part of Touro University System worldwide and enjoy a semester abroad in vibrant New York.
Get inspired by Berlin
As a city that stands at the intersection of past and future, Berlin is the place for understanding the importance of remembering historical events while finding your own professional path.

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