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Biomedical Enginееring

M.Sc. (Master of Science)
Subjects: Technical Health Systems, Bioengineering, Biomedicine, Biomedical Engineering
No. of places
English only
Winter semester: 01 May/31 Aug
Application Deadlines
2 Years (starting: Winter semester)
Tuition Fees (per semester)
Winter semester
Mode of admission:
without admission restriction 
Study mode:
On campus


Qualification Requirements

Previous Degree

Bachelor's degree in the field of biomedical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, electronics, information technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, physics, process engineering, or materials technology.

Additionally, applicants with a master's degree in a comparable field can also be enrolled in this program.

Please note: Applicants who hold a degree in medical sciences (MD) or a degree in business sciences (economics) without a second technical degree do not fulfill the requirements to apply to this master's prοgram.

GPA (German System) 2.50
GPA Comment

Students must have a bachelor's or diploma degree with a grade of 2.5 or better (German grading systеm).

Language Requirements

The following certificates are recognised as proof of your language proficience.

min 80
min 550
Does the university recognize "other equivalent language certificates"? yes

Additional information:
If you are not a native English speaker you must have an internationally accepted language test certificate such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge Certificate. If you are unable to complete these English proficiency exams the following exceptions may apply: English was the primary language of instruction for your school education, or have at least six months of working or studying in an English speaking country, or English was the official language of your previous bachelor or master studies. You must support these exceptions with adequate and officially certified documents. Because all lectures and exams take place in English, you can attend the Master Program without any German knowledge.

Application & Admission

Application Deadlines

In 15 days free webinar
How to apply via uni-assist

Application Procedure & Selection

Mode of Admission:
without admission restriction 
Admission Test/Interview:
No. of places available:
Application Fee:

For the application via uni-assist: € 75 for the first application, € 30 for each additional

Application Documents

This information is for students who have finished their first degree outside Germany.

Step 1:
Fill in the application form 1 and form 2 (check the program's website) and send them via e-mail to silke.venker(at) for a first check before you begin the official application. Do not send any scanned copies along with this online pre-application.

Step 2:
In reply, you will get an email stating whether or not you fulfill the general requirements. This email does not state anything about admission. Upon receiving the email stating the general fulfillment of requirements, you may send all paperwork to uni-assist.

Step 3:
After receiving the verification, please print out application forms 1 and 2 with your personal data (a black and white printout is adequate). Please verify that you have signed the last pages of both forms - all unsigned application forms will be rejected. Please make sure that you always write your first name and your surname in the same way it is written in your passport.
In case you have to send your documents to uni-assist please be aware of paying the fee of 75 Euro.

Necessary application documents:

  1. Completed application forms 1 and 2 (hand-signed).
  2. Officially certified copies of diplomas (e.g. Bachelor’s certificate).
  3. Officially certified copies of original transcripts of grades (Your final average grade and the general margins of the grading system of the university must be recognizable).
  4. Plain copy of passport.
  5. Proof of English proficiency (see language requirements).
  6. The Uni-Assist organization debit/credit card form or the payslip.

Important: Applicants from China, Vietnam, and Mongolia must apply to “Akademische Prüfstelle - APS” before or while sending their documents to uni-assist.

You then send all of the required documents together in one envelope by conventional post (airmail) to:

uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

Documents must reach the uni-assist organization no later than May 1st. Please take the postal delivery time into consideration. If necessary, use an expedited postal service. Notification of receipt of documents will be sent by email.

Step 4:
After receiving your application the organization "uni-assist" will send you, by conventional post or by email, the acknowledgment of receipt (the university is not responsible for postal delivery delays). They will inform you if something is missing and you still have time to submit it later. Only after this step is completed, will your application be considered in the official selection procedurе.


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Further Information

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