Heidelberg University


M.A. (Master of Arts)
Subjects: Cultural Studies
English & German
Summer semester:  15 Nov
Winter semester:  15 Jun
Application Deadlines
2 Years (starting: Both semesters)
Free / €1500
Tuition fees (per semester)
Both semesters
Mode of admission:
local admission restriction
directly at University
Study mode:
On campus


Qualification Requirements

Previous Degree

Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in the ethnology course (subject area ethnology at least 50%) or in courses with essentially comparable methodological, thematic and theoretical orientation.

MInimum standard period of study: 3 years.

For the master's degree in ethnology (120 CP), the proportion in the subject of ethnology must generally be at least 50% or 70 ECTS points and in exceptional cases at least 20% or 28 ECTS points. If the subject of ethnology is less than 50% or 70 ECTS points, a selection interview will be carried out to determine whether the applicant has the necessary professional qualifications to study the master's program in ethnology.

Admission can also be applied if the degree is not available by the end of the application period but it can be expected that the bachelor's degree must be met in time before the start of the lecture period for the master’s degree. In this case, it is sufficient to provide the university with a provisional certificate of the achievements actually made up to that point, with the promise that the bachelor's thesis is already submitted and is expected to be completed by the beginning of the semester for which admission is sought.

GPA Rate 2.50
GPA Comment

Above-average degree.

Language Requirements

The following certificates are recognised as proof of your language proficience.

CERF English
min B2
min 6.5
min 230
min 80
min 570
Does the university recognize "other equivalent language certificates"? no information provided by university

Additional information:
Evidence for German-language applicants (mother tongue and/or with a German-language university degree): German native speakers or applicants who already have a German university degree must demonstrate English language skills at level B2 of the European Framework of Reference. Alternatively, proof can also be provided by school certificates (which prove that the foreign language has been learned over a period of at least 6 years until graduation, which entitles the holder to enter higher education), proof of teaching at a secondary school where English is the primary language of instruction or other comparable evidence. Proof of English-language applicants (mother tongue and/or English-language university degree): English native speakers or applicants who already have an English university degree do not need proof of the German language. In this case, another modern language with knowledge of at least 2 years of school tuition is required or EU reference framework A2 or comparable knowledge. For non-German or English-language applicants: if the applicants are not German or English native speakers, sufficient English language skills must be demonstrated (tests mentioned above).

Application & Admission

Application Deadlines

Application Procedure & Selection

Mode of admission:
local admission restriction
Admission test/interview:
directly at University
Application Fee:

Application Documents

The following documents must be attached to the application for admission:

  1. Evidence of the existence of the requirements specified in the previous degree field.
  2. A statement as to whether the applicant at a domestic or foreign university in the master’s degree in ethnology or in courses with essentially the same content has lost the right to take an examination or is in an ongoing examination procedure in these courses.

Further Information

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