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Integrated Design

M.A. (Master of Arts)
Subjects: Design
English only
Summer semester:  01 Oct/30 Nov
Application Deadlines
1.5 Years (starting: Summer semester)
Tuition fees (per semester)
Summer semester
Mode of admission:
without admission restriction
Study mode:
On campus


Qualification Requirements

Previous Degree

Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in design or a related design field.

Minimum standard period of study: 7 semesters.
Required ECTS credits: 210.

If you only received 180 credits in your bachelor's degree, it is possible to make up for the 30 missing credits with a year of full-time work experience in design or a design-related field.

Work Experience

Work experience in the field of design is required.

Language Requirements

The following certificates are recognised as proof of your language proficience.

CERF English
min B2
min 6
min 72
Does the university recognize "other equivalent language certificates"? yes

Additional information:
The university recognizes all internationally recognized English certificates and does not have a specific deadline for the amount of time that they need to be valid. If you studied your Bachelor's degree in English, you simply need to submit your transcript to prove that the courses were in English and write a letter to the university stating that your studies were in English and submit it along with your other application documents. If you're a native English speaker, please just write a letter to the university stating your citizenship or any other proof of native English proficiency and submit that along with your other application documents.

Application & Admission

Application Deadlines

Applications are open from:
Winter semester:
Summer semester:August 01 (German)August 01 (EU)September 01 (Non EU)

Application Procedure & Selection

Mode of admission:
without admission restriction
Admission test/interview:
Application Fee:
75 € for the first application, 30 € for each additional

Application Documents

Your application documents must be submitted online and in English.

  1. Curriculum Vitae: Concisely list your educational and professional background. Include everything that qualifies you for an »Integrated Design« M.A. program.
  2. Motivation Letter: Your Motivation Letter is the key element of your application. It should consist of 600-900 words and max. 5 images and outline the direction you see for yourself and your studies. Relate to one of the program thematic clusters and position yourself and your research interest among the range of perspectives, explaining your previous studies, work, projects, and engagements. Write about what motivates you to apply or what led you to develop your specific interest. In case you have a specific interest that cannot be related to the four thematic clusters, you may propose a separate area of interest if you suggest a strong topic.
  3. Letter of Recommendation: Please send at least one letter of recommendation from an academic or professional institution or organization.
  4. Portfolio: Choose projects and experiences that give a good overview of both of your fields of interest and your design/design-related experience and qualifications. Works can come from academic, professional, or free projects. The uploaded PDF file should not exceed 5MB.
  5. Authenticated Copies of Certificates of Previous Study Course(s): Include all of your degrees and certificates.

Please note the following:

All documents should be adequately designed. A style sheet is not defined for the presentation of your application – so this is your opportunity to give the university an idea of your skills and competence in presenting specific interests regarding the program.


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