NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

Hamburg University of Technology

Technology Management - Double Master's Prοgram [Gеrman]

MBA (Master of Business Administration)/M.A. (Master of Arts)/M.Sc. (Master of Science)
Subjects: Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Management & Consulting, MBA, Actuarial Science, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Bioengineering, Building & Construction, Business Information Systems, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Game Development, Hydrology, Industrial Management, Informatics, Information Engineering, Information Management, Information Systems, Integrated Design, Logistics, Machine Learning, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics & Systems Engineering, Mining & Mineral Engineering, Mobility, Nanosciences, Polymer Sciences, Energy & Power Engineering, Process Engineering & Technology, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Software Engineering & Development, Surveying, Sustainability, Technical Health Systems, Textile Engineering, Transport Engineering, Urban & Spatial Planning, Water Management, Web Science & Engineering, Wind Energy, Management & Technology, Management, Architecture
MBA /M.A. /M.Sc.
90, 120
20 to 35
No. of places
English & German
Winter semester: 31 Aug
Application Deadlines
2 - 2.5 Years (starting: Winter semester)
€ 6688
Tuition Fees (per semester)
Winter semester
Mode of admission:
no admission restriction, but ability assessment  (interview)
directly at University
Study mode:
Part-time ・ On campus
Registration Fee & Tuition Information:
Master 90 EСΤS: 26,750 €.