University of Siegen

Roads to Democracies - Digital: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics, Society and Culture

Postgraduate Certificate Program
Subjects: History, Ancient Studies, Political Sciences, Sociology, Cultural Studies
International Relations
9, 18, 27
English only
English C1
Language Level
Dates: 24 Jan - 06 Mar (Registration Deadline: 10 Jan)
Dates: 10 Jan - 20 Feb (Registration Deadline: 27 Dec)
Dates: 21 Feb - 31 Mar (Registration Deadline: 07 Feb)
Registration deadline
0.5 - 1.5 Years (starting: Winter semester)
Tuition Fees (overall)
Start Dates
Winter Semester: October
Winter semester
Mode of admission:
without admission restriction
directly at the University
Study mode:
Online course

Four Reasons to choose this Postgraduate Certificate Program

Upgrade your academic and vocational qualifications
Attain crucial and specialized knowledge as well as professional skills for your actual and future career goals.
Study from anywhere - 100% online
Study in the most flexible way and adapted to your personal life situation - this online short course allows you a highly flexible study experience and to learn from wherever you want!
Building on a successful multidisciplinary M.A. program
Since 2008, the University of Siegen has successfully offered the international, interdisciplinary, and research-oriented Master of Arts program “Roads to Democracies – Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics and Culture,” integrating the subjects of history, political science, international relations and sociology. More than 150 students from more than 50 countries worldwide have successfully completed the international M.A. program.
An international network of highly professional teachers and professors
Highly academic classes offered by international and multidisciplinary teachers from our partner universities, hand-picked by us to better your learning experience during this certificate study

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