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Study and experience the digital revolutionChoose your preferred campus: Berlin or CologneSpecialize in various majors (e.g., consulting and marketing)
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Study in Germany – Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Graduate with a double master’s degree from Arizona State University in Phoenix,​USA, and Leuphana University of LüneburgWork with practitioners on real-world solutionsStudy to become a great combination of scientist, politician and activist
3 min

Global Sustainability Science (GSS) | Collaborative Master of Science Degree

Become an expert in analyzing monumental and intricate data setsCooperate with companies to conduct a research project to solve real-world problemsLearn about topics such as privacy and ethics
This interdisciplinary program incorporates natural sciences and a humanities perspective.Leuphana University is one of Europe’s leading institutions in sustainabilityBroad career options
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